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The faculties of Seven Steps Pre-School are highly qualified, well-trained and well-experienced in their own respective field. They have been trained to impart education using the perfect method of teaching to suit the subject, topic and situation. Understanding the student's individual requirements, they are capable of customizing the method of teaching without making compromise to the objectives. As expert teachers, they encourage the students acquire positive attitude and develop confidence through right kind of approach to grasp the course curriculum.


The school is equipped with a spacious play area that provides students with a variety of recreational facilities. The play area includes slides, monkey bars, and a sandpit for younger children to enjoy. In addition, there is a sports field where students can engage in outdoor activities such as basketball, and cricket. The play area is supervised by trained staff members who ensure the safety of the children while they play. The school understands the importance of physical activity for the development and well-being of students, and thus, encourages students to engage in physical activities during break times.


The education process in Seven Steps Pre-School is a joyful experience. The students learn in an open and favourable study environment. Most of the education process are made enjoyable by adopting a play-way method. We call Education as 'Edutainment' as it is made an entertainment. Utmost care is taken to provide a stress less study environment.


Nothing comes above good health. The students and the staff at Seven Steps Pre-School have a facility to get the pure and the safe Mineral Water available all the time. 90% of human diseases are caused due to contaminated water. So Seven Steps Pre-School ensures the supply of Mineral Water to all its students and staff.


Body has been formed in Seven Steps Pre-School to provide proper guidance to the students. It functions in the fashion of a consultancy service provided free of cost. Individual problems of the students and discussed and solutions are found under the guidance of the experts.


The school has a weekly test facility where students are evaluated on their understanding and retention of the subjects taught. The weekly tests are designed to help students identify their weaknesses and strengths and improve their academic performance. The tests are conducted under the supervision of qualified teachers who provide feedback and guidance to the students. The school believes that regular assessments are essential to monitor students' progress and help them achieve their academic goals. Therefore, the weekly test facility is an integral part of the school's academic program.


The school provides parents counseling facilities to assist them with their child's academic and emotional well-being. The counseling sessions are conducted by qualified professionals who provide guidance and support to parents on a wide range of issues. This facility helps parents to better understand their child's strengths and weaknesses, identify any concerns or issues, and learn how to support their child's academic and emotional development. The parents counseling facility is an essential part of the school's holistic approach towards education.


The world of education has been constantly evolving and the use of technology in education is one of the biggest innovations which has been re-defining the scope of learning. Now a days, children are introduced to technology even before they enter school. Parents try to keep them engaged and entertained at home with the help of iPads, mobile phones and laptops. Hence, learning becomes more interesting when education is backed by the amazing benefits of technology in the form of digital classrooms.

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Admission Steps

Step 1

  • Fill and submit the admission form.
  • We will contact you on given phone number/ e-mail to visit the school campus for counseling, interaction & verification of original documents.

Step 2

  • On the scheduled day the application form (available from school) has to be submitted along with the required documents at admission office.
  • Entrance exam will be conducted.

Step 3

  • Post satisfactory evaluation, further process will be initiated.
  • Information about the school, including academics, infrastructure and facilities will be explained along with the fee details.

Step 4

  • On successful completion of above process, the parents are required to complete the enrolment formalities by remitting the “Amount payable at the time of admission”

About Us

Seven Steps Pre School, including all of our schools, is committed to acting on our new vision, mission and values statements. These new statements that emphasize student success and well-being reflect the future-focused and innovative organization that we are today.

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